Right To Know

Right To Know

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I feel that the sponsors and endorsers of Bill 270 have been "taken in" by the spurious and irresponsible claims of its drafters. I very much fear that those drafters are motivated by a "zero-risk" philosophy which is impossible to achieve….Not only is it unnecessary, but attempting to achieve "zero-risk" can destroy business and commerce.

Thacher Longstreth, president of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and former Republican city councilman

Not only is disclosure of this confidential trade secret data unnecessary to safety and health protections but raises serious questions regarding the taking of private property without compensation and due process in violation of Constitutional rights.

Robert P. Vogel of Rohm and Haas Chemical Company

When the public hears about right-to-know, they think ‘Gee, that sounds great’. But all the information they’re going to get under these laws is a list of plant chemicals that will sit on someone’s kitchen table until it’s thrown away.

Ralph Engel, president of the Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association.
09/28/1983 | Full Details | Law(s): Right To Know

To expect well over half a million small businesses to adhere to these extensive requirements would be regulatory overkill.

Frank S. Swain, Chief Counsel for Advocacy, of the Reagan’s Small Business Administration.


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