Right To Know

Right To Know

Cry Wolf Quotes

When the public hears about right-to-know, they think ‘Gee, that sounds great’. But all the information they’re going to get under these laws is a list of plant chemicals that will sit on someone’s kitchen table until it’s thrown away.

Ralph Engel, president of the Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association.
09/28/1983 | Full Details | Law(s): Right To Know

Harassment and [a] nightmarish mountain of paperwork…would be caused by enactment of the bill in City Council.

Thacher Longstreth president of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and former Republican city councilman

[S]mall business today is struggling to swim upstream against today the constantly increasing current of restriction and regulation. I suggest that adding to this burden should be only done with the greatest of considerations for the benefits to be achieved, since each addition to the pressure will result in some businesses either giving up or changing their location.

President of the W.N. Stevenson Company and representative of the Northeastern Chemical Distributors Council.

Labeling all pipes and containers could cost the chemical industry $100 million a year.

Garth Fort, lobbyist for the Monsanto Company.
08/30/1983 | Full Details | Law(s): Right To Know


Backgrounders & Briefs

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