Right To Know

Right To Know

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You are going to ruin our business. And I think that’s pretty serious.

Russell Hurst, president of VIZ Manufacturing Company. President of the W.N. Stevenson Company and representative of the Northeastern Chemical Distributors Council.

We have 1,000 products. If every state has different reporting requirements, we’d have to produce 50,000 different [Material Safety Data Sheets].

Garth Fort, lobbyist for the Monsanto Company.
08/30/1983 | Full Details | Law(s): Right To Know

[W]e all probably use salt, sodium chloride, on our food….Salt has been included in the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (published by NIOSH). The toxic dose of salt needed to kill half the test animals is about 1/8 ounce of salt for each 2.2 pounds of weight of the animal. Does this mean that the City of Philadelphia should regulate table salt?

Roy. S. Anderson Ph.D’s testimony before the Philadelphia City Council.

[The right-to-know law would be] harmful to the economy and not very helpful to the air.

Thacher Longstreth president of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and former Republican city councilman.


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