Taxes: Soda

Taxes: Soda

The Soda Tax is considered one of the “Sin taxes,” which are levied on activities or products that are considered socially undesirable. Other common targets include alcohol and tobacco. Sin taxes are often meant to act both as a disincentive for specific behaviors and as a means to generate public revenue. For example, cigarette taxes are intended to help people quit smoking and taxes on soft drinks to reduce obesity. Revenues are sometimes targeted at health and social programs that ease the problems created by the use of the product.


Soda taxes

The Soda Tax Wars

April 20, 2010

Cry Wolf Quotes

We're funding a program that has a lot of merit. But if it's so important, then everyone should be taxed, not just us.

Wayne Dyer, executive director of the Arkansas Hospitality Association. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
01/20/1997 | Full Details | Law(s): Arkansas Soda Tax

This is a huge, huge loophole. If they could raise one (food tax), they could raise another one.

Diana Winterhalter, a spokeswoman for the bottlers' coalition, called the Stop Taxes on Food Committee. Cleveland Plain-Dealer, 1994.
10/15/1994 | Full Details | Law(s): Ohio Soda Tax

Obviously for us as an industry, it causes undue harm.

Lee Cox, general manager of Pepsi's Twinsburg bottling plant. Cleveland Plain-Dealer
10/15/1994 | Full Details | Law(s): Ohio Soda Tax

This could be $10,000 a year on my bottom line. This is not the way to do it: Every time we need something done raise taxes. I couldn't run my business this way.

Lee Fritz, who owns five Burger Kings in the Bremerton area. Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
10/21/1994 | Full Details | Law(s): Washington Soda Tax


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Citizens for Tax Justice is an organization that represents low and middle income citizens in the tax debates on Capitol Hill.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, since 1971, has been a leading advocate for nutrition and health, food safety, alchohol policy, and sound science.