National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)


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January 05, 2011
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Protecting the Clean Air Act: Getting the Jobs and Investment Story Right

September 13, 2010

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'Free Business from Political Persecution' and 'The Country is Suffering from Too Much Law'.

NAM stickers from 1914.
01/01/1914 | Full Details | Law(s): Tax: Income

So-called social security [will] mean industrial in-security.

National Association of Manufacturers, May, 1935.

Any figures advanced to sustain a case that extensive rate discrimination exists, are likely to be misleading because they cannot represent the full extent to which the principle of equal pay for equal work exists throughout industry. While contract provisions might show the degree to which equal pay is embodied in collective bargaining agreements, they fail to indicate the far greater number of cases where employers of their own volition paid the same rates to men and women where jobs were equal, or where an identical wage scale is applicable to men and women although no specific ‘equal wage’ provision is contained in the agreement.

Statement of the National Association of Manufacturers at the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare (Subcommittee on Labor). Aug 1, 1962.
08/01/1962 | Full Details | Law(s): Equal Pay Act

Each employee must be motivated through training, education, by supervision to understand and to want to perform work safely. This desire must come from within—it cannot be imposed through the threat of civil or criminal sanctions against the employer. NAM believes that…the Secretary of Labor should not be given such unprecedented powers as proposed in this bill.

Paul R. Hafer, National Association of Manufacturers, Testimony, Senate Subcommittee on Labor and Public Welfare.