Industry groups

Industry groups


Hotel housekeepers are repeatedly injured on the job.

Cutting Back on Housekeepers' Heavy Lifting

August 02, 2011

Cry Wolf Quotes

We do not think there is either any social or any economic necessity for the insurance of present mortgages.

Friedlander, President of the Gibraltar Savings & Building Association, Houston, TX. And Vice-President of the United States Building & Loan League, Testimony. Committee on Banking and Currency. Senate. May 16-19, 21-24, 1934.
05/16/1934 | Full Details | Law(s): National Housing Act

This is a terrible signal to send. It just interferes with the workplace. This should be left to employers and their workers….[How can employers ensure that workers are properly taking time off?] How do you police any of that? What is an employer going to do, set up a whole office to audit this stuff?

Arthur Maurice, vice president of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, The New Jersey Star-Ledger

The technology to meet these standards simply does not exist today…[and we predict] major supply disruptions.

Mobil, House Committee on Energy and Commerce. October, 1990.
10/01/1990 | Full Details | Law(s): Clean Air Act of 1990

[The OSHA right-to-know regulation would create] virtually unmanageable burdens on small manufacturers….workers would be just as safe without this regulation.

Ralph Engel, Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association official.


Backgrounders & Briefs

The Short-Handled Hoe Hearings: 1973- 1975

In 1972, California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) petitioned the Industrial Safety Board of California’s Division of Industrial Safety to prohibit the use of the 12-inch short-handled hoe. The hearing transcipts are online here.