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Living Wage has brought good competition to Los Angeles International Airport

L.A.'s Living Wage Ordinance Isn't a Job Killer

September 21, 2011

The Chamber of Commerce Does Not Care About Unemployment

July 11, 2011

Chamber of Commerce, Wrong Again

May 19, 2011
US Capitol building

Darrel Issa’s Government Handover

January 05, 2011

Cry Wolf Quotes

Petitioner, however, seeks a rule that would effectively eliminate any meaningful period of limitation in certain kinds of discriminatory pay claims, allowing an employee to wait years or even decades to challenge an allegedly discriminatory decision so long as the economic consequences of that decision have continued into the limitations period. Such a rule would be irreconcilable with Congress’ design for the administration of Title VII, and would subject the employers…to damages for entirely innocent decisions that have nonetheless become difficult or impossible to defend solely because of the passage of time….such a rule would impose an unwarranted and excessive burden on employers…

From the amicus brief filed by Chamber of Commerce and the NFIB Legal Foundation.

And current enforcement procedures are penalty-oriented…. This does not square with notions of due process and fair play.

Chamber of Commerce newsletter, June, 1973.

The costs of this action would be enormous and obviously could have a disastrous impact upon many small businesses struggling to survive.

Zachary Fasman, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Congressional Digest.

Senator Ervin calls the CPA [Consumer Protection Agency] bill ‘the most dangerous piece of legislation ever presented to the Congress.’ He warns that the head of CPA would have ‘the most tremendous powers ever granted to any many in the history of the United States.’… And he reminds everyone that ‘government is a parasite.’

Richard Lesher, Chamber of Commerce Publications.
01/01/1975 | Full Details | Law(s): General: Consumer

Backgrounders & Briefs

Industry Repeats Itself on Financial Reform

As the nation approaches the first anniversary of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, opponents are claiming that the new measure is extraordinarily damaging, especially to Main Street. But industry’s alarmist rhetoric bears striking resemblance to the last time it faced sweeping new safeguards: during the New Deal reforms. The parallels between the language used both then and now are detailed in a report released today by Public Citizen and the Cry Wolf Project.


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