Bad for business

Bad for business


Living Wage has brought good competition to Los Angeles International Airport

L.A.'s Living Wage Ordinance Isn't a Job Killer

September 21, 2011

The Great Regulation Charade

September 20, 2011

Cry Wolf Quotes

We're opposed to a lot of bills, but this is one of the worst. When you're the only state in the country with paid family leave and they've tried it in 27 other states and it's failed in each and every one, we see it as a competitive disadvantage in attracting or keeping businesses here.

Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce. The New York Times.

The [vinyl chloride standard would be the] tip of an enormous regulatory iceberg….If government allows workers to be exposed to the gas, some of them may die. If it eliminates all exposure a valuable industry may disappear.

Paul H. Weaver, Fortune Magazine.

I think you know as well as I do that when you get legislation like this, you very often feel this is the nose of the camel. Okay, they start off with this and then they expand it a little further, and then the next thing you know they are taxing industry to pay for the cost of the regulatory apparatus that’s being established. And the first thing you know, you’re really being asked to preside at your own funeral.

Thacher Longstreth, president of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Finally, you should be appraised of the need for security and secrecy to research and develop products. In many, many instances, such security would be unattainable under Bill 270. The lack of privacy and security would strike the hardest at our great and large corporations which research and develop most of the new products which enhance our health and quality of living.

Thacher Longstreth, president of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and former Republican city councilman