President Obama on climate change warns about businesses crying wolf

Now, what you’ll hear from the special interests and their allies in Congress is that this will kill jobs and crush the economy, and basically end American free enterprise as we know it. And the reason I know you'll hear those things is because that's what they said every time America sets clear rules and better standards for our air and our water and our children’s health. And every time, they've been wrong.

How a Shadow Drug Industry Tries to Avoid Regulation

Last year an outbreak of meningitis killed 53 people in 20 states and sickened more than 720 nationwide.  It was caused by a tainted steroid distributed by the New England Compounding Center (NECC), which is part of an obscure $2 billion-a-year niche of the pharmaceutical industry called "compounding pharmacies."

Now some members of Congress are trying to reign in this shadow drug industry. But the industry is fighting back, using its political clout to resist federal standards.