Quote – Don Bliss, Esq., National Association of Manufacturers, Testimony, Senate Finance Committee.

We believe that the experience of the last few years teaches that in addressing problems of health care financing we should try at all costs to avoid the establishment of new Federal or State bureaucracies and regulatory regimes. We, further, should avoid the creation of new Government entitlement programs, the addition of new financial burdens on the Federal Health care budget, or the distortion of the marketplace by eliminating choice or reducing competition in health care.

Statement of Don Bliss, Esq., on Behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, DC. (pgs. 146-156). Senate Finance Committee, Hearing, “Health Insurance for the Unemployed,” 98th Congress, First Session. Bill: Health Insurance for the Unemployed (Folded into 1985 COBRA).

Thursday, April 21, 1983