Quote – From a March, 2009 memo circulated around Capitol Hill by student loan lobbyists.

As the national struggle to deal with a severe economic crisis and a national unemployment rate of 8.1 percent — the highest level since 1983 — it is a critical time to reinforce successful solutions, not abandon them. Ensuring the continuation of thousands of jobs for individuals singularly focused on helping millions of students enter and succeed in higher education is a “win-win” in today’s deeply stressed economy. It preserves jobs for the workers of today, while guaranteeing access to aid to millions of students whose skills will help maintain the nation’s pre-eminent place in the global economy.

From a memo circulated around Capitol Hill by student loan lobbyists, entitled “More than 30,000 Expected Job Losses Under Administration Proposal”. From Firedoglake, “Lobbyist Memo on Student Loan Industry Job Loss”.