Quote – Spencer T. Bachus, III (R-SC), Congressional Record.

Like this two-sided coin, the Clinton budget bill has two sides. One side is a tax increase-the largest tax increase in the world, and most Americans know that. But the other side of this coin-of the Clinton budget plan is something else, and it's not spending cuts; it's spending increases: $165 billion in new domestic spending, adding $1.2 trillion to the deficit, growing Government by 20 percent over the next 4 years, all charged to our children and grandchildren. Mr. Speaker, with most coins it is: Heads, you win; tails, you lose; but with the Clinton budget bill it is: Tax increases, the American people lose; spending increases, the American people lose. There is something new about this coin, but there is absolutely nothing new about the Clinton proposal. It is tax and spend: Heads, you lose; tails, you lose.

Spencer T. Bachus, III (R-SC), from the Congressional Record

Thursday, May 27, 1993