Bad for business

Bad for business


Living Wage has brought good competition to Los Angeles International Airport

L.A.'s Living Wage Ordinance Isn't a Job Killer

September 21, 2011

The Great Regulation Charade

September 20, 2011

Cry Wolf Quotes

These taxes are a levy upon capital. There is no requirement in our law, as there is in the English law, that the proceeds from estate taxes shall go into capital improvements of the Government. In other words, capital is being destroyed for current operating expenses and the cumulative effect of such destruction cannot fail to be harmful to the country.

Andrew W. Mellon.
04/01/1924 | Full Details | Law(s): Tax: Estate

Taken together with the Securities Act of 1933 (the 1934 Act) will effectively bar the flow of capital into American business.

George Houston, National Association of Manufacturers, Vice President

Rather than merely prohibiting discrimination against the disabled, the bill compels employers to make significant expenditures and extensive physical alterations to their facilities to accommodate an unlimited variety job applicants.

Gordon J. Humphrey (R-NH), The New York Times.

Believe such legislation would eventually seriously injure home-financing institutions which have been in existence in the country over a hundred years.

Telegram from G.A. Mortimer, State Building and Loan Association, Inc. in the statement of Hon. Compton I. White, Idaho Congressman, Testimony, House Committee on Banking and Currency.
05/18/1934 | Full Details | Law(s): National Housing Act