Coal Mine Safety Act of 1952 Quotes

There are on an average 1,000 men who lose their lives in the coal mines annually. Ninety percent of the men lose their lives in the ordinary accidents, accidents in which the individual plays an important role usually. The other 10 percent lose their lives as a result of what we call mine disasters. Those disasters are preventable. They are almost in every case not caused by some action of the individual workman.

James Hyslop, president of the Hanna Coal company.

Now, if there is a real purpose to be accomplished by what you ask here from a safety standpoint, then you have my vote. But if the only purpose is to set up something that you say is going to be another police force, like they had in Germany and Russia, to inspect other policemen…then I say we are wasting our time.

Representative Thomas Werdel (R-CA), who would run as Vice-President of the States’ Rights Party in 1956. House Committee on Education and Labor.
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