Right To Know

Right To Know

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The cost potential is very, very significant, in the billions of dollars on Pennsylvania employers….The small businessman, the farmer, is going to have to live with a more severe standard...the cost to them is going to be very phenomenal.

Pennsylvania Representative Joseph Pitts (R-Chester)

The public does not have [an] inherent right to know.

John Yewell, director of industrial safety and health for the California State Chamber of Commerce.
09/28/1983 | Full Details | Law(s): Right To Know

This is probably the single most anti-business bill to become law in New Jersey in recent years. The governor’s decision to sign it will cause serious doubts among people in business about the state’s commitment to encouraging growth and jobs.

Bruce Coe, president of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association.

It is a bad bill based on undemonstrated premises. It will accomplish nothing constructive in Public Health value, but rather will do a great deal of harm to the City’s business and commerce, and most importantly, its economy.

Thacher Longstreth, president of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and former Republican city councilman


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