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Building Codes

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You must relieve [New York's] real estate from the terrible yolk of oppression which has been throttling it for some years past…

Charles F. Noyes, president of the Charles F. Noyes (Realty) Company, on the Factory Investigating Commission ’s new laws.
06/21/1914 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

Not only is this against the principal of home rule, but such legislation transfers the enforcement of the law to an unknown and untried body of men and takes it out of the hands of the Fire Department….one of the most efficient departments of the City of New York.

Charles F. Noyes “who represents owners of many store and loft buildings in Manhattan”.
03/23/1913 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

[These changes in the fire code would lead to] the wiping out of industry in this state.

A spokesman for the Associated Industries of New York. Only date available: 1913.
01/01/1913 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

[Sprinkler systems are a] cumbersome and costly apparatus.

Three weeks before the Triangle conflagration, the Protective League of Property Owners's counsel, Pendleton Dudley responds to Commissioner Rhinelander Waldo order that sprinklers should be installed in a number of warehouses. Only date available: March, 1911.
03/01/2011 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

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