Conservative media Quotes

[The income tax would] divide the population into two classes, the class which contributes to the support of the Government, and the class which does not contribute.

In 1910, the Albany Evening Journal, a partisan Republican paper.
325501/01/1910 | Full Details | Law(s): Tax: Income

It is likely enough that many of these child laborers will grow into capitalists and become "too rich," like their present oppressors.

A New York Sun editorial. Only date available: 1907.
390701/01/1907 | Full Details | Law(s): Child labor

[President Roosevelt’s endorsement of an inheritance tax gave] more encouragement to state socialism and centralization of government than all the frothy demagogues have accomplished in a quarter of a century of agitation of the muddy waters of discontent.

The Philadelphia Record
04/14/1906 | Full Details | Law(s): Tax: Estate

The fury of ignorant class hatred has dashed itself in vain against the constitution…Thanks to the court, our government is not to be dragged into communistic warfare against rights of property and the rewards of industry.

The New York Tribune.
05/23/1895 | Full Details | Law(s): Tax: Income