Ohio Soda Tax Quotes

Why should we be singled out more than any other product? It's totally unfair. This industry more than pays its share of taxes and understands its obligation to do that, but these special taxes are another matter.

Jim Finkelstein, spokesman for the National Soft Drink Association. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution.
11/05/1994 | Full Details | Law(s): Ohio Soda Tax

Obviously for us as an industry, it causes undue harm.

Lee Cox, general manager of Pepsi's Twinsburg bottling plant. Cleveland Plain-Dealer
10/15/1994 | Full Details | Law(s): Ohio Soda Tax

This is a huge, huge loophole. If they could raise one (food tax), they could raise another one.

Diana Winterhalter, a spokeswoman for the bottlers' coalition, called the Stop Taxes on Food Committee. Cleveland Plain-Dealer, 1994.
291110/15/1994 | Full Details | Law(s): Ohio Soda Tax