Unnecessary Quotes

The labels prescribed...are not needed for most asbestos-containing products since the asbestos fibers are “locked in” and cannot be released into the air.

GAF Corporation comment, no specific author.
408003/14/1972 | Full Details | Law(s): OSHA's Asbestos Standard

The major problem imposed on us by the labeling requirements of the proposed regulation, which imply to the general public an exposure to the risk of asbestosis and cancer. In products ---for example, like ordinary Asbestos-Cement Siding-Shingles --- where the fibers are locked into the cement, it is highly misleading, if not downright dishonest, to scare the homeowner into believing he is exposed to cancer risk.

Edward J. Killian, Vice President for Manufacturing Operations, Gold Bond Building products.
407303/14/1972 | Full Details | Law(s): OSHA's Asbestos Standard

There is no evidence that ingestion of asbestos fiber is any way harmful.

Bruce J. Phillips of Certain-Teed Products Corporation (an asbestos-cement pipe making company).
407703/14/1972 | Full Details | Law(s): OSHA's Asbestos Standard

[It is a] collectivist [myth that business people] would attempt to sell unsafe food and drugs, fraudulent securities, and shoddy buildings….It is in the self-interest of every businessman to have a reputation for honest dealings and a quality product.

Alan Greenspan, writing in Ayn Rand's Objectivist newsletter.
414901/01/1963 | Full Details | Law(s):

We feel that it is not in the public interest to require any and all information respecting the business of any bank be made a public record, and ask that the banks be required to submit information to the Federal Reserve Board only that such information be given confidential status, subject to the discretion of the Federal Reserve Board.

George V. McLaughlin, NY State bankers association
410904/07/1934 | Full Details | Law(s): Security Exchange Act of 1934

[Those killed in factory fires are] an infinitesimal proportion of the population.

Robert Dowling, NYC real estate man, and voice of business on the Factory Investigating Committee. Only date available: 1913.
398201/01/1913 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws