Costs will rise Quotes

…this is no time to put additional burdens on employers and employees and State administrations. Recent legislation has created plenty of burdens without adding the one. It is an extremely dangerous time to discuss raising labor costs in the sense of labor costs per unit.

Prof. R.S. Meriam, Harvard Business School, Testimony, House Committee on Ways and Means.
288003/21/1934 | Full Details | Law(s): Unemployment Insurance

The owners of real property are becoming terrified by the number of laws which have been enacted affecting real property in New York City…in each succeeding year there is a law passed…This compels the owner to expend…large sums of money, which…are absolutely needless and useless.

Op-ed by George W. Olvany, special counsel to the Real Estate Board.
398605/03/1914 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

Many owners will be so financially embarrassed by the great expenditure made necessary thereby that great numbers of buildings would be forced into foreclosure or otherwise sacrificed.

The Realty League inveighs against the Factory Investigating Commission fire regulations.
398303/19/1913 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

This bill will make it difficult for the poor baker to continue to exist, thereby making it easier for the large baker to combine with his larger brother and increase the price of bread or lower the size of the loaf, why, that is a very strong point in opposition to this bill, because the very people you are going to aid—the poor have got to be taken into consideration.

Harold M. Phillips, of the United States Real Estate Owners Association. Only date available: 1913.
401101/01/1913 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

If you eliminate further bakeshops in the cellar…the poor man is going to suffer, and we are crying now for the high cost of living. If you will wipe out the cellar bakeries, the poor man will get a smaller loaf of bread.

Dr. Abraham Korn, president of the United Real Estate Owners’ Association. Only date available: 1913.
400601/01/1913 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

I wonder do the American people ever stop to realize that these social uplifters are one of the chief causes of the high cost of living. If they had their way a can of tomatoes instead of costing 12 cents would cost at least 50 cents. This is the inevitable result of their endeavors.

Director of the largest canning company in the state responds to minimum wage and Factory Investigating Commission efforts in general. Only date available: 1913.
401301/01/1913 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

The rent is very high, and you can’t recent a place above ground in New York city to establish a bakery. If you can’t have a bake shop in a basement in New York City, you can’t have a bake shop here, that is all, unless people will pay prohibitive prices for bread; And we hear a great deal now about the high cost of living.

Mr. Frank P. Hill, baker.
400103/01/1912 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

You are putting a lot of people out of business and perhaps raising the price of bread….things are getting a little bit better [without “drastic” reforms], slowly, and I am not certain whether or not that would not be a pretty drastic remedy, not against the worst ones, but against the best of that class.

P. Tecumseh Sherman. Attorney, and previously held the position of Commissioner of the Labor Department of New York. Only date available: 1912.
399301/01/1912 | Full Details | Law(s): Triangle Factory Laws

If you would pass a law which requires unnecessary expense…that expense must to some extent be ultimately borne by the public. Either the consumer or the producer must stand it.

Judge Samuel H. Cowan, attorney for the Texas Cattle Raisers Association and the American National Live Stock Association. Testimony, House Committee on Agriculture.