Quote – Dennis, blogging at NJ Tax Revolution blog, The Newark Star-Ledger

So when businesses are already looking for opportunities over the rivers and past the bay, what does our Senate do? It decides to insist that business provide paid time off for family leave...There is a reason that only two states have enacted this legislation. It is because states do not want to lose the businesses that make up the backbone of their budgets. New Jersey senators don't care because this is other people's money anyway. They can stand and pontificate over how they are helping people while those same citizens' employers say ... goodbye.

Dennis, blogging at NJ Tax Revolution another right-of-center, business side blog, against the FLI bill. From The Newark Star-Ledger, “Does the family leave bill go too far or not far enough? Jersey Blogs”, by Kelly Heyboer.

Thursday, January 31, 2008