Quote – Unsigned editorial in America’s Textile Reporter, a trade publication.

We are particularly intrigued by the term byssinosis a thing thought up by venal doctors who attended last year’s ILO [International Labor Organization] meetings in Africa, where inferior races are bound to be afflicted by new diseases more superior people defeated years ago...As a matter of fact, we referred to the ‘cotton fever’ earlier, when we pointed out that a good chaw of B.L. dark would take care of it, or some snuff...Well, we want to tell Mr. [James] O’Hara [D-MI] that, and for all our life, we have hated federal interference in our lives businesses…Congressman O’Hara is typical of the lousy representation we get from time-serving Northern Democrats who sell their souls to the venal labor leaders.

From an unsigned editorial (entitled “It All Depends) in America’s Textile Reporter, a trade publication. From Organizing the Breathless by Robert E. Botsch. The University of Kentucky: 1993, p. 122.

Thursday, July 10, 1969