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The Clinton tax hikes on income would have a devastating impact on long-term economic growth. In particular, the increase in the tax burden would reduce savings and investment, thus hampering the economy’s capacity to generate new jobs and higher wages. Specifically, higher tax rates on income would punish productive economic activity, reduce tax revenues, lead to increased federal spending and higher budget deficits, reduce job creation and penalize small business.

The Heritage Foundation

As a result, even though the Clinton proposal contains a very steep increase in the nation's tax burden, the actual amount of money the government collects may fall if enough workers lose their jobs and the taxable incomes of individuals and businesses decline.

The Heritage Foundation.

Recycling itself can cause environmental harm...As a result, the environmental costs of recycling may exceed any possible environmental benefits.

Lynn Scarlett, Reason Foundation and The National Center for Policy Analysis.
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[It is a] collectivist [myth that business people] would attempt to sell unsafe food and drugs, fraudulent securities, and shoddy buildings….It is in the self-interest of every businessman to have a reputation for honest dealings and a quality product.

Alan Greenspan, writing in Ayn Rand's Objectivist newsletter.
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