Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection


Claims of EPA "train wreck" derailed

Claims of EPA "Train Wreck" Derailed

August 26, 2011
Clean Fuels Standard

Northeast Clean Fuels Standard = Thousands of Jobs, Billions of Dollars

August 16, 2011
Why on Earth Do We Listen to Those Who Cry Wolf?

Why on Earth Do We Listen to Those Who Cry Wolf?

July 28, 2011
smokestack and dirty air

Crying Wolf Again: Big Business Gearing up for a Fight Against Obama’s Environmental Program

May 11, 2009

Cry Wolf Quotes

While the states signing on the dotted line will trumpet this proposal, the economic reality ... ought to be a bucket of icy cold New England water. [Now consumers will be] paying even higher prices.

Frank Maisano, a utility industry lobbyist with Bracewell & Giuliani in Washington.

Then without regard for exposure concentration in the air, City Council is being asked to make it against the law to ‘receive, store, use manufacture or transport’ any substance on that list without first burdening the citizen and the City Administration with more red tape.

Richard Kiefer Jr., corporate safety director of the McCloskey Varnish Company.

Please, dear legislator, do not eliminate my job because you have put the business places in Pennsylvania in a noncompetitive situation where we cannot compete with Ohio, New York, New Mexico, and so forth. Pennsylvania should have our laws consistent with other States so that our manufacturers can continue to employ our neighbors, our sons and grandsons and granddaughters, so that we can work in Pennsylvania, so that we are not driving our people out of the Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania Representative Jim Merry (R-Crawford)

What you are trying to put on business is overkill. It’s going to kill farmers and small business people.

Pennsylvania state representative Jim R. Merry (R-Crawford)



Political Economy Research Institute is a think tank focused on a variety of subjects such as diverse financial regulation, living wages and environmental protection.

Green for All is a leading environmental oranization focused on creating green jobs for low-income communities and people of color.

The Sierra Club is America’s oldest (founded in 1892), and largest, environmental non-profit.