Quote – Representative Ernest Istook (R-OK). Daily Oklahoman.

On that family leave bill, I think that it would impose a burden upon businesses, including small businesses.... You would be telling businesses, through that act, that they are required to bring temporaries in, go through a training cycle, and lose the continuity that is so important to making a business function well. It has the effect of making it more expensive for them to do business. More expensive per employee, more expensive per job. The business can only defend itself by offering fewer jobs. That's the only way they can pay for it. It is a job killer….It makes it more expensive to hire people, so businesses say we won't hire people.

A week and a half before being elected to his first term in Congress soon-to-be Representative Ernest Istook (R-OK). “Istook: Family Leave, Economics, Trade”, Daily Oklahoman, Patrick B. McGuigan. .

Sunday, October 25, 1992