Quote – Ann Richardson, blogging at the Business at Hand, The Newark Star-Ledger

The nanny state continues, churning out one bad piece of legislation after another!....Yes, we should have compassion for people, compassion for our workforce. When my father had a heart attack in November, which went well into December, I had to take time off - but I worked around it ....Not all workplaces can do that. Those that can should look for ways to accommodate employees, if possible. This is a slippery slope we're on in New Jersey. The nanny state legislators want to give away everything, but forcing this kind of legislation on employers is the beginning of the end. It will drive employers right out of New Jersey, increasing the already alarming exodus of manufacturing and other jobs and residents in general.

Ann Richardson, blogging at the Business at Hand, a right-of-center, business side blog, against the FLI bill. From The Newark Star-Ledger, “Does the family leave bill go too far or not far enough? Jersey Blogs”, by Kelly Heyboer.

Thursday, January 31, 2008